TOC – The Open Choir

 The Open Choir does not require an audition. 

We welcome singers from all tribes and traditions. Because this is an improvisation project you need some experience as a singer (choir, band, solo, teaching, workshops, etc) to take part. There will be some preparation sessions for people who want to join who have little improvisation experience. These sessions will run in Jan/Feb 2017 initially and will be called ‘Vocal Tai Toc’ sessions, developing out from Jenni’s other project Vocal Tai Chi.
See below for dates of Vocal Tai Toc preparation sessions.

VTT sessions can be booked by joining through messaging Jenni Roditi .

We are requesting newcomers with little improvisation experience (and those who wish to get a taste of the work pre-rehearsals) to attend at least one, preferably two and most beneficially all three of these Vocal Tai Toc sessions in advance of joining  TOC. Without attending at least one you may not be ready to join the choir….

The TOC choir is pretty much like no other and takes some special preparation. VTT sessions are £40 each and last four hours. There will be small groups working intensively on improvisation skills and energy.

Join Up! 

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TOC third season starts Spring 2017 in the Loft until March 6th (address on request) then the Earl Haig Hall after that
Address – 18 Elder Avenue, Crouch End, London N8 9TH


‘Vocal Tai Toc’ Preparation sessions for new comers
and current TOC’s wanting extra input.
January 8, 29, February 19, 20.

Social Dreaming feedback session
Monday Feb 13 – not for newcomers -,  the loft. 7pm.

TOC Rehearsals at the Loft, Crouch End
Monday: Feb 20, 27
Monday Mar 6,

TOC Rehearsals at Earl Haig Hall 2, Crouch End.
March 13, 20, 27,
Monday Apr 3, 10, 17

Performance Sunday April 23rd, Earl Haig, 7pm.

Rehearsals will be from 7pm  – 9.15pm.

In Earl Haig there is a bar next door in Hall 1 (and delicious restaurant on Sundays).  The venue opens doors at noon on Sunday’s and 4pm Monday’s, and closes at 11pm. Restaurant closes at 5pm on Sunday.

Introduction to TOC

This is an improvisation choir, for singers with some experience. We will be working towards informal friends and family concerts.

We will be creating improvised vocal music together, both in the moment of the performance and through devising processes in rehearsals. Jenni Roditi will lead through directed conducting and by giving musical instructions on which we will build new pieces.
Some sessions will include rehearsal assistants from TIC or other outside special guest leaders from time to time.

The Mission

The mission is to work with people who have some experience in vocal performance or who are willing to develop their improvisation skills. The conducting signals method  focuses and shapes what is latent. The latent process in the group determines the shape of the conducting signals. It is a two way street. Within this melting pot a key aim will be to perform exciting and unusual vocal pieces created in the moment – as well as devise pieces, develop ensemble skills and enable singers to grow creatively while learning to respond to direction, rather like an actor and a theatre director would work together. We are working towards public performance so we need to aim for the best we can.

Important qualities

As well as bringing your enthusiasm to TOC you will be open to working with others and be willing to try something new. You may or may not feel able to step forward and take a solo role in certain moments. Your abilities and openness will be taken into account in the directing process. It is important that you are happy to take on a variety of roles within the choir; flexibility being a core skill. You will be willing to take musical direction from Jenni and participate in creating music established through directed conducting.


We will have self-selecting and spot-check processes for tuning. If you are wondering about your tuning skills you can let us know. If we spot that your tuning may need work we will let you know. Those people with a query on their tuning may be offered some time together to work on improvement in small groups or privately before the rehearsals start. There will be a small fee for this tuition.


We reserve the right to ask people to leave if they are being disruptive or we feel they are not able to fully support the challenge the TOC project entails.

Being redirected: Vocal Tai Chi is Jenni’s other voice project and here you can attend workshops, or occasionally work privately with Jenni on most aspects of your musicianship. This may be an option for those who cannot meet the challenge of this project. There are other avenues that may also be suggested to help you, including a new musicology research project to be based at the a leading conservatoire, looking at people who are so called ‘tone deaf’.