TIC – The Improvisers’ Choir


TIC at Koç University Istanbul, December 2016.


TIC Début December 2015, Vortex Jazz Club.

TIC – The Improvisers’ Choir was formed in September 2015 by composer-vocalist Jenni Roditi.

The Aim

We aim to lift the practice of shaped vocal improvisation up into the light of widely appealing public performance. ‘TIC’ consists of a group of performers, selected at audition, who are agile and reliable improvisers coming from a diverse range of vocal traditions.

The Mission

The mission is to create new templates for creative choral, chamber and solo improvised singing. The directed conducting will focus what is emerging. The emergent will determine the shape of the directed conducting. Within this melting pot a key aim is to create coherent musical content leading to a high level of musical consistency, originality and accessibility. The combined forces of a variety of voices from a range of vocal styles brings a unique identity to the work.


Singers in TIC bring their own specialisms are are also open to learning from others and willing to let go of their tradition to try something new. Flexibility is a core skill in the ensemble. Singers take musical direction from Jenni and participate in creating music established through directed conducting.

Meet the Improvisers

more portraits to follow ..
Sylvia Medina
Davide Basso
Martins Baumanis
Yan White
Alain Man
Ansuman Biswaz
Helen Burnett