Welcome to the online home of two unique improvisation choirs – TIC and TOC, directed by composer-vocalist Jenni Roditi. TIC – The Improvisers’ Choir, made it’s début in December 2015 and TOC – The Open Choir débuted in April 2016.

TIC TOC TOGThe improvisations are lead through a system of signals given by the conductor that form the overall orchestration and structure of the pieces – and the singers come up with their own material which is shaped in the moment through the conducting. Sometimes we start with a pre-planned seed idea that becomes and improvisation spins out from that and sometimes we start with a blank canvas…

The project was conceived by Jenni in Spring 2015 with TIC coming together just as we received the confirmation of our first Arts Council grant in December 2015.

We launched the project at Vortex Jazz Club in Dalston, following a series of rehearsals where we developed a working method. To read more about the process of how the choir came together creatively you can read the wonderful commentaries from Alistair Smith who has been our resident blogger since the beginning.

In February 2016 TOC was formed – the sister, community choir of TIC. TIC and TOC have performed on stage together as well as separately over the course of the 22 concerts we have put on since December 2015, taking us up to the present time of writing, January 2018.

TOC is entering it’s sixth season in February 2018. TOC  perform locally in Crouch End at various venues and events. For more info go here.

TIC History

TIC recently won the Nonclassical Battle of the Bands 2018. We have played two gigs at the Vortex Jazz Club,  appeared in Chorus Festival, South Bank Centre, also Crouch End Festival, The SkronkFest, supported heavy-metal band Black Shape at New River Studios, appeared in a family Christmas concert 2016 in a local church, with a TV studio audience in Istanbul (December 2016) where the whole concert was filmed in TV conditions and sang twice for Wintertime Choirs at South Bank Centre December 2017.

TIC have collaborated with three special guests who bring their own expertise to the party. Ian Shaw, Cleveland Watkiss and Peter Wiegold have all influenced and inspired the direction of the concerts they were part of.

TIC Future

We are looking forward to next season and growing the project. Special guests in the pipeline include Toby Thompson spoken word artist, Candida Valentino, Mongolian overtones and undertones vocal techniques expert, Heidi Heidelberg, anarchic soprano and Haymanot Tesfa – Ethiopian singer, composer and painter.

We are planning to record an EP during 2018. The main menu bar gives you links to our media pages and further introductions to each choir.

We look forward to welcoming you to an event in the near future!

~ Jenni Roditi
Artistic Director.