audience feedback

club-vocale-intervalAudience Feedback from Club Vocalé 3. 

20th November 2016.
Earl Haig Hall, Crouch End.
The Improvisers’ Choir and The Open Choir (TIC and TOC).
Directed by Jenni Roditi with Cleveland Watkiss, special guest.

1 “Didn’t know what to expect and found the experience disorientating and sometimes exciting and beautiful. A sort of primal, familiar and simultaneously strange evening!”

2 “Wow! What a stupendous soundscape these amazing choirs produced. A really
captivating evening of polyphonic music with much heart and soul from all the
singers. MORE PLEASE!”

3 “I love all improvisation – give them the dosh so we can go on being inspired! I find that being-ness in soundscapes, textures, rhythms, feeling -daring to risk; shake out those feelings. Orgasmic!”

4 “A beautiful and eclectic range of styles. I love the spontaneity and fun of the TOC, great solos. Lovely sonic dialogue between Lora and Patrick.”

5 “I absorbed the splendour at the end of TIC 3rd piece like a new born being offered to the heavens. The intricacy and beauty of some of the pieces as like a treat being unwrapped along the game of pass the parcel. I am an inspired fan. Yours forever!  (p.s ‘Through the Veil’ had a spooky beauty to it. Absolutely stunning. Loved the use of the quote – ring the bells etc. )”

6 “Great. Best improvised voices I have heard. Cleveland Watkiss was a great catalyst!”

7 “A terrific evening, full of unexpected delights! I will definitely be keeping an eye on what TIC and TOC do in the future.”

8 “Really inspiring! Very moving”

9 “That was astounding. I closed my eyes during some of it and it became such a powerful experience something from deep within. Warm heartfelt. One of my best experiences. Keep it alive- go to schools, houses of Parliament, hospitals, care homes, forest and ocean etc.”

10 “Wonderful. Full on. Absolutely Amazing”

11 “I am very lucky to be here. Powerful intimate inspiring fun true. Thank you for letting us hear you.”

12 “Tremendous. Well done”

13 “Extraordinary- sometimes discordant, cathartic, spiritual and wonderful”

14 “A wonderful mind expanding experience. Would love to see more. Thank you!”

15 “Amazing performance that has to be enjoyed by many the skills of Jenni as a choir
leader-composer is unique. True talent in action!”

16 “Very enjoyable and surprisingly beautiful and creative with style. Mmmmm….great!”

17 “A very different experience tonight. More lucid and absurd in general, TIC particularly ‘tight’ I felt. Guest Cleveland Watkiss was the ‘bonus ball’ and lifted everything. Composition ‘Crack in Everything’ was bliss. Well Done!”

18 “Primal-Touching-Inspiring. Thank you”

19 “Gobsmacking. Transcendent experience. Rich texture and beautiful sound. Clever
and creative”

20 “Inspiring, energising, beautiful and weird but made me want to do it! Thank you!”