Producer – Project Manager Job, The Improvisers’ Choir

Interviews: 9th – 10th September.
CV, statement of interest, and, if called for interview, two references.
Send application to

This is a part time job with an average of six hours per week, with intermittent periods of more activity.

The Improvisers’ Choir, artistic director Jenni Roditi, formed in September 2015 has received two Grants for the Arts (£3K and £10K) since then. We want to build on the great work started by our previous producer/project manager (who is now planning on living overseas) and are looking for an experienced person to produce and manage the choir.

We are planning to apply again to ACE, building on what we have achieved so far.

The choir will be expanding the project through new collaborations and including a new composition-improvisation strand lead by the AD.

You will work alongside the AD during September-October to create a multi-layered plan for 2018 which will form the basis of the application. We will submit to ACE by mid October.

TIC have performed 11 concerts in 18 months, including 2 at Vortex Jazz Club, also at  Chorus Festival, SBC, March 2016, and at Koç University, Istanbul, December 2016. All artists (between 5 and 11 per event) were paid for rehearsals and performances. This plan was set out in the ACE application and will be similar in approach this time.

There is a reserve fund available from which to pay you until the grant situation is clarified. The work is paid on a hourly basis. (£15). Your post will be paid for through the grant, going forward, if we are successful. We look forward to collaborating with an experienced person who –

  • has past successes in fundraising
  • can do micro as well as macro management
  • is able to get involved in creative planning and ideas
  • has a can-do attitude and is able to listen and reflect

The application will also include a line of funding for additional members of the management team needed as the project grows.

(TIC has a sister choir TOC – The Open Choir which uses the same artistic approach with community singers. TOC has performed 7 gigs between March 2016 and June 2017.)

Crouch End London N8 based.








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