TIC singers work with Vocal Tai Chi Practitioners


Jenni Roditi writes: A wonderful Vocal Tai Chi workshop today (25/10/15) as we were joined by some of our new friends from TIC – The Improvisers’ Choir. Much learning, sharing and openness about the creative life of the voice – from the shy beginner to the seasoned pro – everyone was willing to take new steps. Quite a sense of celebration and care for each other in the air. The alchemy of these different groups meeting is so interesting.  One of our participant Tom Morley, a drummer, workshop leader with his company ‘Instant Teamwork’ and former drummer with Scritti Politti said of the workshop: ‘ I’ve attended a lot of workshops in my time, this one is life-changing. At least half of us had major breakthroughs. Not a lot of talking just a lot of singing. And then you sing solo for 5-10 minutes with a mic in front of the others, anything that needs to be sung, if you can access it. This is where Jenni and the genius of the course comes in. 15 of us got down and dirty, it’s one of the most authentic connections you can ever make.’


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