Welcome to the online home of two unique improvisation choirs - TIC and TOC, directed by Jenni Roditi.

The improvisations are led through a system of signals given by the conductor that form the overall orchestration and structure of the pieces - and the singers come up with their own material which is shaped in the moment through the conducting. Sometimes we start with a pre-planned seed idea and improvisation spins out from that, and sometimes we start with a blank canvas!

Audience feedback from our recent concert at Club Inégales...

"Thank you so much for such a brilliant evening. I was riveted. It was deep, it was mad, it was fun. Totally refreshing. My musical life will never be the same again. The interpretations of the texts were spellbinding."
- Catherine M, violinist.

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“Wow! What a stupendous soundscape these amazing choirs produced. A really captivating evening of polyphonic music with much heart and soul from all the singers. MORE PLEASE!”

“Didn’t know what to expect and found the experience disorientating and sometimes exciting and beautiful. A sort of primal, familiar and simultaneously strange evening!”

“healing and mesmerising”

“a stupendous soundscape... captivating evening of polyphonic music with much heart and soul from all the singers”


“A terrific evening, full of unexpected delights!”

“A wonderful mind expanding experience”

Jenni Roditi

Living on the cusp of improvisational processes through the focus of my composer-conductor ears I look for the finest, quirkiest moments, from passionate rawness to softest murmurings, breathing with the patience and spirit of emergence. I work with the uncertainty of new beginnings, new middles and new endings

Jenni Roditi

Founder & Director

Guest Artists

Ian Shaw

Ian Shaw

(Oct 2016)
Cleveland Watkiss

Cleveland Watkiss

(Nov 2016)
Peter Wiegold

Peter Wiegold

(April 2017)

Funding & Partners

Arts Council Funded
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