TIC (the improvisers' choir)

The Aim

We aim to lift the practice of shaped vocal improvisation up into the light of widely appealing public performance. 'TIC' consists of a group of performers, selected at audition, who are agile and reliable improvisers coming from a diverse range of vocal traditions.

The Mission

The mission is to develop different fluid forms within which creative improvised group and solo singing can be discovered. Roditi refines techniques in response to the group dynamics of the always changing line up of TIC singers. TIC create exploratory spontaneous choral compositions holding a vision to make vocal music that is a refreshing balance of original, consistent, exploratory and accessible. The richly combined styles of voices from many traditions and backgrounds bring a unique identity to the music, underpinned by Roditi’s broad sweeping 'genre-unrestricted' aesthetic.


Singers in TIC bring their own specialisms and are also open to learning from others and willing to let go of their tradition to try something new. Flexibility is a core skill in the ensemble. Singers take musical direction from Jenni and participate in creating music established through directed conducting.

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TIC History

TIC - The Improvisers' Choir was formed in September 2015 by Jenni Roditi.

TIC recently won the Nonclassical Battle of the Bands 2018. We have played two gigs at the Vortex Jazz Club,  appeared in Chorus Festival, South Bank Centre, also Crouch End Festival, The SkronkFest, supported heavy-metal band Black Shape at New River Studios, appeared in a family Christmas concert 2016 in a local church, with a TV studio audience in Istanbul (December 2016) where the whole concert was filmed in TV conditions, and sang twice for Wintertime Choirs at South Bank Centre December 2017.

TIC have collaborated with three special guests who bring their own expertise to the party. Ian Shaw, Cleveland Watkiss and Peter Wiegold have all influenced and inspired the direction of the concerts they were part of.

TIC Future

We are looking forward to next season and growing the project. Special guests in the pipeline include Toby Thompson spoken word artist, Candida Valentino, Mongolian overtones and undertones vocal techniques expert, Heidi Heidelberg, anarchic soprano and Haymanot Tesfa - Ethiopian singer, composer and painter.

We are planning to record an EP during 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you to an event in the near future!

~ Jenni Roditi
Artistic Director.

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Gratitude candle

TIC - The Improvisers' Choir was created thanks to the generous support of many people:


Current TIC performers

  • Uran Apak
  • Rebecca Askew
  • Dilara Aydin-Corbett
  • Davide Basso
  • Ansuman Biswas
  • Shreyans Iyer
  • Alain Man
  • Sylvia Medina
  • Camilo Menjura
  • Ebe Oke
  • Irene Pujol-Torras
  • Jenni Roditi
  • Verónica Chacón
  • Kate Smith
  • Candida Valentino
  • Yan White
  • Marcia Willis

TIC Alumni

  • Mārtiņš Baumanis
  • Helen Burnett
  • Sarah Jenkin
  • Ben Zucker

TIC Special Guests

  • Ian Shaw (Oct 2016)
  • Cleveland Watkiss (Nov 2016)
  • Peter Wiegold (April 2017)

Jenni Roditi: Artistic Director


  • Steve Teers - videographer
  • Steven Cropper - photographer
  • Alistair Smith - resident blogger-essayist
  • Fanny Martin - creative producer and project manager


  • Adrian Lee - advisor and co-interviewer for project manager
  • Peter Wiegold - advisor
  • Jackie Walduck - advisor
  • Cleveland Watkiss - advisor
  • Louli Salmon - co-interviewer for project manager and open rehearsal feedback
  • Mandy Carr - co-interviewer for project manager
  • Jonathan Stone - co-interviewer for project manager
  • Anna Johnson - audition hosting, audition feedback and open rehearsal feedback
  • Madeleine Smith - audition hosting
  • James Mills - open rehearsal feedback
  • Sune Fernando - open rehearsal feedback


  • Ali Ward - sound engineer
  • Gina Boreham - Front of House & Duty Manager
  • Ollie Weindling - programmer


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