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Artistic Director’s Diary: Week 5

As members of TIC – The Improvisers’ Choir are getting ready for their final rehearsal before their first public performance on Saturday 5th December, founder and Artistic Director Jenni Roditi looks back at the past few weeks to reflect on the artistic journey that she and the choir members have gone through, the process she’s developed along the way and her relation to improvisation.   From the first gathering 6 weeks ago […]

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TIC’s conducting signals are settling in

Another good TIC rehearsal today! Sorted out the hand, body, face and mouth signals. Made a quick video talking through the main ones so we can all learn them. There’s a signal for ‘I don’t know’ – and another called ‘ emergency exit’. We have textured and smooth drones, smudging, parallel movement harmonisation, interlocking, pod harmonisations and go through the red light. We have ostinatos and graduations, dissolve, clusters and […]

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Responding to TIC’s third rehearsal – by composer Alistair Smith

TIC – The Improvisers’ Choir – Rehearsal 3 In Jenni Roditi’s stunning loft apartment, light streaming in through the windows that are three sides of the space, seven unique individuals entered one by one to greet Jenni. “The warming up is done! The bonding is done! Now it’s time to get down to it!” These were some of Jenni’s first words to the group as they commenced their third rehearsal. The […]

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